THE EXHIBITION -European Jazz project Jazz in the old days developed in a specific neighborhood in Chicago, in a street in New York or in a quarter of Paris. Those days are gone forever. Good, new fresh jazz is no longer coming from one place and is no longer played by musicians from one country only. This CD is a good example of the recent state of affairs. Jazz mirrors, as always, what is happening in the world. At this moment the world is shrinking to the size of a village. The newest “thing” in Jazz is not restricted anymore to some remote place or an unknown group of people. If a Jazz musician is working on something specific somewhere in the world, it is most likely that anyone interested in that aspect of the music will know about it only a few days later. The new state of affairs however is both an advantage and a difficulty for today’s jazz musicians.

The musicians of The European Jazz project know how to deal with the present situation like no others. Coming from all parts of the world they play together as if they had been lifelong friends and brothers. The good relation among the band members expressed in this album is extremely strong. On top of a great variety of grooves played in wide range of different moods, each of the musicians takes a turn in playing a great and unique solo. In addition, a special spot is reserved for the guest artists. One of them is Martijn Sohier, one of the best trombonists in Europe. Martijn is one of the true masters of this hard to master instrument. As always his playing is smooth, easy and effective. The other guest artist is the great German singer Silvia Droste. She sings s in a remarkable and impressive way with a great voice that fits in easily with the band.

But what is rally exceptional is the playing of the band itself. The European Jazz project is a unique collective, playing original compositions only; all the pieces are written by members of the band. With their first album the band delivers a musical statement that leaves a strong and impressive mark that can, should and will be heard in the entire world, however big or small that place become.

Wouter Turkenburg
Chairman of the IASJ, (International Association of Schools in Jazz) April 14, 1999

In recording music an artist chooses to expose or ‘exhibit’, the work, the self, and the artist’s capabilities, hence the title.

Particularly when recording jazz, the document is that of the moment, a spontaneous ‘exhibition’. It is here and then it is gone – too late to be changed.

‘Exhibition’ has been recorded with the help of our regular guests, Martijn Sohier, a famous Dutch trombone player, and Silvia Droste, one of the most famous German jazz singers – Silvia and Martijn, thank you for your inspiration!

In order to create a satisfying ‘exhibition’ one has to have a solid musical base and inspiring surroundings.

We found these conditions in Holland where we all met some years ago. There we had the opportunity to try out various musical ideas and slowly build up our concepts as individuals and as an ensemble.

The band has been touring and performing all over Europe for the past two years and in the cracks has found time to experiment with a wide range of musical directions.

In the autumn of 1998 we took the final step to lay down “The Exhibition” at the famous recording studio “Studio 44” in Monster, Holland. As we leave our base of operations in Holland, this project will help us to stay in contact and to keep inspiring each other towards the growth and development of our music into the 21th century.

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