MUSIC IN PHASESWhen one listens to music, the experience can be compared to that of an astronaut travelling through a universe of sound and vibration. At first, the sound waves are barely audible and pass unnoticed into the realm of direct experience. Soon, without thought, the eardrums begin to move in response to the visiting vibrations, and the body begins to move while the conscience begins to reminisce, associate and enter the nostalgic. Without thought or control, the sound waves are transformed into memories and find their  new way into the imagination.

Imagination is brought to life when we are touched by love, inspired to write the first lines of a book or in any another way struck by creative powers. The musician’s imagination is also brought to the fore, when they are composing and improvising.

The musician’s imagination expands each time he or she explores a new musical universe. Numerous impressions are woven into our being; their original context is altered and when they meet other travellers they provide an experience of being present in a new room, one in which no one has ever physically set foot in.

Perhaps it is in this room that we all meet; the African, Middle Eastern, European and Scandinavian musicians. In a room, where the impulse to be present gives way to a condition that one has not satisfied, yet which is formed by the origins of the music in the universe of sound and is expressed out of the necessity of being present within the music.


Morten Ginnerup’s new album is a collection of such memories and experiences. On this inspirational journey from Norway’s highest peaks to Jerusalem’s dry and dusty air, the listener can recognise hints of New Orleans, Buenos Aires and Chicago. In the varied compositions, listeners may capture forgotten images from their own memory and possibly encounter new musical vibrations.

Morten Ginnerup has produced this opus in collaboration with Rachel Yatzkan, a musician, intuitive reader and his life partner. This album and all it encompasses is the result of collaboration over the past 5 years. Morten and Rachel invite you to enter the musical universe they’ve created and titled: Music in Phases.



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